The houseboat "Forte" is the bigger apartment on the
houseboat "Piano-Forte".

It is a brand new houseboat built in 2011,
made in a high quality standard.
Good insulation is one big part of this high quality.

The Forte is moored next to a bridge, which is in my opinion always exciting. There is always movement on the bridge and in combination
with the swans and ducks in front of the windows this is better
than any TV program, without any doubt.

Movement: during nighttime comes back
the countryside character of Amsterdam. The city sleeps.
Against the sound of the city during the day there is a good insulation.

The "Forte" is,
moored in the middle of Amsterdam
and still you have a very far view..
To the right you are looking far under the bridge,
on the left you have a very nice view on a formal chapel.

If you open the big windows in the living-room
(all the windows can be locked to be more safe with children)
it seems to be outside on the water.
The floor of the "Forte" is on the same level of the water outside,
it seems to walk on itů another big hero of our past,

only now it's made for you to.
  • Also here I tried to make a "HOME" for you,
    a place where you like to come back after a busy day in town or elsewhere.
  • There is a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Two separate bedroom with comfortable double beds.
  • There are very comfortable sofa-beds (double & single) in the living room.
  • Bathroom with shower flush-toilet & bidet (floor heating & towel-radiator-heating).
  • When you open the big windows you are more or less outside, very near to the water.
  • Hot water, kitchen and the heating system operates on piped gas.
  • The boat is centrally heated.
    Floor heating and in the sleeping rooms are radiators to regulate the temperature.
    With a thermostat you choose the temperature you want.
  • The shutters on all windows provide insulation and total darkness.
  • There is color cable television and a hi-fi - stereo system with a CD-player.
  • Bed - linen, blankets and towels are supplied.
  • On all the boat is a Wi-Fi- connection, so on the "Forte". (YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP)
  • All the windows can be locked to be safer with children.
  • There is a terrace which you can lock, which is also very useful for the bikes you maybe going to rent.
  • Like the houseboat "Forte", the "Piano" is near to busy city-life,
    but it is very well insulated.
    Inside the "Forte" you feel little of the busyness of the town,
    outside during daytime, you are near to a lot what happens in town.

The size of the "Forte" is 12,00m x 5,00m (without terrace)

The "Forte" is for your own use with your own entrance and offers you excellent privacy.
  • Remember: The "Piano-Forte" is also a free-standing houseboat in the middle of Amsterdam.
  • The Wester - Church is in about a 5 minute walking distance
    The DAM needs about a 10 minute walk.
  • Food you can buy on the other side of the street.
    In a less than 5 minutes walk, there is very well equipped supermarket.
Discover Amsterdam, by boot, bicycle or by feet,

forget the car.


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