The "Nachtschade" is a charming houseboat.

next to the Annema.

The two houseboat-apartments Annema & Nachtschade are 2 houseboatsboats of 12 and 13 meter,
which I put together to one houseboat of 26,5 meter in total.
The Annema and Nachtschade have 2 separate entrances. Between the 2 houseboats is a ditance of 0,5 meter. So the insulation is very very good between the two of them.
Result is, that guests from the Annema don't get disturbed by guests from the Nachtschade and the otherway around.

Both views, the one of the Annema and the one of the Nachtschade are very nice, special and original.
The choice is just try both of them.
Now only about the Nachtschade: The batroom is big, nice and with a lot of light.
The wooden floor is made of ecolocical beautiful wood from Columbia.
And yes there is a lot of wood in the Nachtschade, which makes the atmosphere soft and warm. The position and the view is fantastic....what do you want more????
The size of the 2 apartments, is about the same.
The difference is:
that on the Annema are two bedrooms and on the Nachtschade is one bed-room. What results in a bigger living-room on the Nachtschade, with a double and a single sofa-bed.

  • I tried to make also here a "HOME" for you,
    a place where you like to come back after a busy day in town or elsewhere.
  • There is a fully equipped kitchen.
  • The bedroom has a double bed.
  • There are very comfortable sofa-beds (double & single) in the living room.
  • Terrace in front of the boat. When you open the big windows you are more or less outside, very near to the water.
  • Hot water, kitchen and the heating system operates on piped gas.
  • The boats are well insulated and centrally heated.
    With a thermostat you choose the temperature you want.
  • The shutters on all windows provide insulation and total darkness.
  • There is color cable television and a hi-fi - stereo system with a CD-player.
  • There is good sanitation and a flush toilet.
  • Bed - linen, blankets and towels are supplied.
  • On all the boats is a Wi-Fi- connection.

The Nachtschade has been totally restored at the end of 2009.

In the summertime you can sit outdoors, while during the winter-season the boat itself is cozy, warm and comfortable.
Just have a look by yourself.

The size of the Nachtschade is 12,00m x 4,30m.

Discover Amsterdam, by boot, bicycle or by feet,

forget the car.



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